The most versatile food product since ketchup!


Use our puree for whatever suits your needs. If you want to dive right in with a big ol' blue chip, well go right ahead there ha'as! If you want to whip it in with some mayo and slather on a turkey club with avocado, thenyou have good taste my friend. Whatever you do, enjoy yourself. That is what life is all about. Life is too short to be boring. You will never get out alive!


Please message us directly if you would like puree. We currently are operating under very small batches that are being immediately distributed to our supporters. Once you get a taste, you too will be hooked. Ecommerce portion will be operational in time.

I was hooked on the first taste. The blend of sweet and hot is perfect. I passed it around to friends and coworkers for them to try and got very positive responses from them as well. Even got several new customers for Calvey Kitchen!
— Joe Lubas
Calvey’s Kitchen purée is so good! Perfect blend of ingredients and they nailed it when it comes to the amount of heat. Look forward to your future success.
— Adam Corcoran
Quality ingredients, balanced flavor, great for many cooking applications or as a spread for sandwiches. This will be a staple condiment in my fridge!
-Gene Litz
Owner of 13 Olives
This sauce is money. High quality ingredients, and truly made with care . It is hummus meets tomato sauce. Well done Calvey’s Kitchen.
-Gregory Shipilliti Cid
Just showed up today. Cannot wait to put it on everything I eat for the next month.
-Michael Marotta